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Can't Use Oreo 8 Pic In Pic

 I can't seem to be able to use pic to pic neither in youtube, nor in chrome. Can somebody verify if this is possible? Any suggestions?

Also after Oreo 8 update i seem to be getting the "app crashed. open again? send feedback?" warning

 P.S. it seems to only be working with google maps. Is something Nokia has messed up with?

Pip mode works for YouTube in crome desktop version with full screen and other videos in crome works fine with full screen, in maps pip mode works in navigation mode.otherwise WhatsApp,duo etc. Works normally

 Thanks for the reply thats what almost all internet info says but actually no,
at least in my device pip mode in youtube works differently. Most internet advice right now follows the following steps: chrome then youtube then fullscreen then home button and...there you go

in my device this doesnt work. It just takes me to home screen and shuts chrome and youtube. In my nokia 5 it is a bit different. It is chrome, youtube, fullscreen, drop down the drawer from the top of the screen, touch the youtube notification controls, this takes you to home screen with youtube expanded to half screen and then you pinch youtube to make it work as pip.

 solved in 4 hours. great puzzle nokia!

 also you dont have to have chrome in desktop mode. that was necessary only before android 8

not working...tell me the instruction please

The PiP feature, supposedly the hallmark of Oreo, is very buggy on my Nokia 5! I hope HMD is working to fix it.
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