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Wi-Fi hotspot not detected by laptop but detected by other devices

Nokia 3 Wi-Fi hotspot is not showing up in available Wi-Fi networks list in my hp-1000 laptop. All other mobile devices hotspot networks and other available Wi-Fi networks are appearing fine in available Wi-Fi list of networks in my laptop. Therefore, clearly, the problem is not with the laptop. Also my Nokia 3 Wi-Fi hotspot is detected fine by other devices. 

1. The problem was resolved initially by turning ON and OFF the Aeroplane Mode and then turning ON the Wi-Fi hotspot. Doing this shows the Wi-Fi hotspot in my laptop (It starts appearing in Wi-Fi networks list). 

2. Also by changing Network Name and security password from hotspot settings sometimes resolves the problem. 

3. Also using some of third party applications for Secure Wi-Fi hotspot also resolved the problem. 

But now none of these solutions are working anymore. 

Sometimes, still Nokia 3 Wi-Fi hotspot starts appearing in my laptop available Wi-Fi networks if I try some of above solutions. But it has become sort of moody now. 

P.S. I have reinstalled windows and latest network drivers in my laptop. Also reset networks and factory reset Nokia 3. None of these works. The problem may have appeared after Nougat 7.1.1 update.

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I have a similar problem with my Nokia 1 (running Oreo 8.1). Most laptops can see the hotspot, but visibility to my Acer Aspire One is flaky; usually, it cannot be seen, sometimes it's visible. 

The Acer laptop can see hotspots created by all my other phones (4 of them).

I've tried using a Wifi Extender to "modify" the hotspot signal, but that does not work -- visibility of the extender stays in lockstep with that of the phone.

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