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Sim Care detection and other issues

My Nokia 6 stops detecting the sim card and hence no network. I need to restart the handset more than two or three times a day, and in most of the cases, only one sim card gets detected. 

This happens after an idle state of some time when the hone is not being used.

 Again, one problem is stopping of some working apps. It shows, some process system not working and close the app. This happens a lot of time with different apps.

Have Restored Factory settings many times, but the issue is same. Bought the handset in November 2017

Tech Wizard

Are all built-in apps updated to the latest versions in Play Store?

Did you consult your mobile operator/carrier(s) and let them troubleshoot the connectivity issue from their end? - SIM cards wear out over time, or may be defective out the box.

For somebody to maybe better assist, please:

Nokia 6 variant (TA-????) - Mobile operator(s)? - Country?

Android version? - Security patch level?


All Apps updated to latest version over Wii-Fi from Play store

Two Simcards, different operators. One bought in November 2017 and other renewed in October


Operators Vodafone and Aircel, India

Android 8.0.0 Security Patch Level 1 Feb 18

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