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WiFi hotspot - no internet after 8.1 upgrade

This has been reported on the beta forum by somebody else, and is apparently a problem for Nexus devices running 8.1 too.

The problem is that the WiFi hotspot allows devices to connect to the hotspot and assigns them an IP address but the devices then have no internet access. I can ping the phone from a connected hotspot device.

Please see the post by "jaffa" here:

Any update on getting this resolved would be very welcome, I use this feature a lot.


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Also facing this problem, this is a major problem for me, may have to return the phone.

It was working fine under 8.0. Current ISP does not allow chaning APN type string, so that fix that's floating around is a non option.

Checked with Oreo 8.1 (final) and works fine here.
It seems to be carrier-related. I'm on 3, doesn't work properly for me. I was a report of Tesco mobile, which uses O2, being ok though. The workaround of changing the "APN type" to "" works for me, but as reported by others, the phone itself then gets no internet but devices connected to the hotspot do. Blanking out the APN type causes it to be reset to the original text (once you save the changes to the APN settings), at which point the phone has internet again and the hotspot doesn't.
I have the same issue with virgin. If I reset the phone I can use the hotspot if I'm quick. If l leave it for a couple of minutes I connect to phone but "no internet". Pain in the a**e.
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