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What's new in Oreo 8.0?

Hello everyone

Is there a list of all things new in Oreo 8.0 on the Nokia 6 somewhere?  I'm not talking about things like "better this" or "faster that" but what things had actually changed.

I installed it this morning, after deliberately waiting a while.  So far I've seen the following:

1. The battery usage graph is gone.  Very sad about that.  Instead, you see only a percentage and a single approximation of the time left.

2. There is now the option to show the battery life percentage in the notification bar.  This does not replace the battery icon itself, but is shown next to it.

3. The global settings cog is now available on the downswipe-once (and downswipe-twice) bar.

4. You can now see whether data is enabled on the downswipe bar (if data is disabled, there's a little "x" next to the data icon).  This little "x" is not visible on the notification bar unless you downswipe at least once, so it's still not possible to see whether data is enabled by simply looking at the phone (as was the case in previous versions of Android but which was stopped for "security reasons").

5. Short-pressing the battery icon on the downswipe notification bar no longer brings up the battery options, but simply activates or deactivates battery saver.  If you want to see the battery options, you have to long-press the icon.

6. The same applies to the Wi-Fi and data icons -- short-press no longer opens the options but simply activates or deactivates it.

7. Do-not-disturb (DND) is much, much more cumbersome.  When you short-press the icon on the downswipe bar, it only activates or deactivates the DND (it doesn't give any options).  In addition, there is now a tiny little arrow on the DND icon.  If you long-press the DND icon, it brings up general DND options but not the ones you're looking for.  To see the DND options that you're looking for, you have to short-press that little arrow next to the icon.  And even then you're not done -- because unlike in the previous Android version, the DND options are not shown immediately.  Instead, you have to click the on/off icon at the top left, and *only then* do you see the familiar three DND options.  And just when you thought it couldn't get worse, the default selected option is "until you turn off Do not disturb" instead of the option that turns the phone silent until the next alarm clock.

I had previously installed a widget that shows the volumes, so that I could see what had or hadn't been muted (for I was unpleasantly surprised once too often by a YouTube video starting at top volume despite the fact that I had set the phone to DND), but now it seems that I would be using that widget for more than just checking the DND status, but also for setting it.

That's it for now.

Nokia's Android is pretty close to stock; you might want to google for changes in Oreo on the Pixel/Nexus line.

By the way, the graph is still there - just tap the big battery icon and it'll show up.

Un mare fâsss oreo 8.0 pe YouTube volumul la muzică în căști este variabil când se aude tare când încet o porcărie .
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