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Phone calls not working properly?

Hi! First off, I bought a Nokia 8 with massive defects and got a new replacement, which is rare in Finland. The second phone worked pretty well, apart from Bluetooth niggles concerning Oreo+Bluetooth+Screen off controls on headphones. That's just a nuisance I can live with, among the other things that are less then ideal, but yesterday I ran into a MAJOR PROBLEM. My earpiece doesn't work on phone calls, whether a regular call or in any app like Fb messenger and WhatsApp. The person on the other end can hear me, and everything works fine with the speaker or Bluetooth headphones. This is catastrophic, even if I don't talk on the phone so often, but it's not like I can use the speaker in public places or have my headphones on me constantly. I have resetted the phone several times, checked all the settings I can come up with, even started the phone in safe mode. Nothing helps. I refuse to go and give the phone to warranty repair, as I don't have a spare phone, and as it's over a week from the purchase, I won't get another replacement because of the stupid rules and regulations of operators in Finland. The first few days the calls worked, but this was the first day I had calls after updating to oreo 8.1, and the earpiece doesn't work. Please help, I can't give the phone to repair, and I don't want to lose faith in this phone and HMD. With all the other little problems (lock screen, Bluetooth control issues with screen off, screen not lighting under notifications) I can live with, but this is too much. K

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