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Music player stops working

Music player stops playing after 45min 1hr

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I had this problem but I recognized it's because I had a app to kill tasks, it cleans open task every hour so every background task will be terminated, if it's not the issue, if it's the streaming that stops try background data on power saving settings. If not expert should help you out.. cuz I'm out of stuff.

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I use phonograph music player app and it was working fine until the Oreo update. Now the app is killed after around 30 minutes, usually in the middle of a song. I regularly listen to podcasts through the chrome browser rather than a dedicated app and again, the session gets killed after around 30 minutes. So it's not the phonograph app that's the issue. Also, when listening to music through the headphones the volume keeps varying. Again, this happens using phonograph and YouTube so I know it's not a phonograph issue. I use my phone for listening to music and podcasts a lot and this Oreo update has ******* ruined the experience.

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Noticed this today as it's the first time using the device since the Oreo Update... Using Google play music and the music just stopped after about 45 mins ... The app had closed so restated and closed again after around the same time. Something is obviously closing background activity after so long I guess to save battery? Can't see an option to alter this

Tech Wizard

There's a potential conflict with the new 'running in the background' notification - I've seen the Gmail notification crash the music player notification bar once.

I cleared the cache of the Camera app (to resolve panorama mode not working) and cleared the cache of the Battery protection app (to resolve some erratic battery drain) - and haven't had any Google Play Music crashes since.

Battery Protection is a system app, so:
Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Menu dots > Show system > Battery protection > Storage > Clear cache.

It's not exact science, but maybe worth a try before a hard reset?


Hi guys, same on my nokia 6 after oreo update. All players stop after a while randomly (think so after 30 mins or some more). Tried it with vlc, foobar, mortplayer and google play music. Cleaning the battery saver cache didn't work. Any other suggestions?

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Some problem with nokia 6 after oreo update. It seems that we have to wait for some upgrade or is there any solution?

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