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Buy back Lumia range

As long as I can remember I've had a nokia phone. Right up until Nokia lumia 1020. An amazing phone amazing camera need I say more. It looks like I have the last version of the Windows Phone, the Lumia 950. Guys it would appear Microsoft don't want it anymore. Buy back the name. I don't want Android I don't want iPhone. I just want the Lumia you guys used to give with windows on my phone. I love the full map. From the very beginning with my Lumia 800. Buy back the name so it doesn't get buried. . hopefully . nik

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If just everyone had bought the Noka Lumia's when they came, the range of almost perfect phones would still be actual today. But too few bought the phones, and too few made apps to them, making the range lose the competition. It didn't even helped when Microsoft got in half-heartly with their economic muscles.

for a budget phone the lumia 640 is still quite a good phone

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I fail to see the point of buying a failed brand (Lumia) or using a failed OS ( Windows). Repeating the same mistakes seems like an entirely fruitless endeavor.

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Lumia and Windows Phone 8/8.1 were a great combination but I agree were not popular enough to make Nokia profitable again. That's why the business was sold to MS. Windows 10 Mobile not so good and MS were not very good at marketing it at all, and were even worse at building on the strong Lumia brand that Nokia had created.

HMD could buy back the Lumia brand but imo they could only really use it on a Windows phone, which are really not very popular at all so it's probably not worth it.


So, Rickname, I feel your pain! I experienced the same with both Symbian and then Windows Phone. It's unlikely to happen to Android for a long time, but it will happen eventually.

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Completely agree with Mr. Davis. I am from India. And here I used lumia 820 and was a great experience. I was knowing that it has some issues like less application , Bluetooth was a issue. But after all this It was my favorite. I want to buy lumia once again. Can someone help me

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You can find Lumias on eBay and I'm sure in many shops in India. But they won't be new models.

Please can you call me how you can see my name? I can't see any of that information for people in this forum.

Thanks :)

I have not done anything it was just showing your name. But now when putting this second reply I am seeing your name madbilly. I also don't know how this happened. Nokia issue ,

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Thanks for the explanation. It's very strange. In fact, if I google " [My Name Here]" then lots of search results get returned with my name! But not if I google with my username. Very strange.

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