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Bug Report: Nokia 6 w/ Oreo 8.0 killing music playing apps

After the Oreo 8.0.0 update I cannot listen anymore to music for more than 30 or 60 minutes, because suddenly the music player app is killed. Tested with the PowerAmp and AIMP music apps.  This is very annoying.  Tried every solution I found on the internet: ex. soft reset, putting Battery optimisation to "Not Optimised" than soft reset, reinstalling the apps but to no avail.

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I forgot to mention, restarting Android doesn't help either.

do you have chinese variant if yes then same happened to me ! killing apps after some working in the background for some time . switched to ta-1003 now its better

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I am in Europe and have the global variant TA-1021. But I have the same issue you have ie. background apps killed by the system after some time ...

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Since people complaining about this I tried too, well played for couple of hours without a problem. But this Dolby thing, doesn't look like it's doing it supposed to do. Model -TA-1021 Build - 00WW_5_22A

Also seems good for me, TA-1025 00WW_5_22A. Tried playing music in Spotify and Pi Music Player for hours. Background Activity Cleaner was enabled, but the both apps were in the white list. Can you try to disable Background Activity Cleaner entirely?

Still the same issue with Background Activity Cleaner  enalled/disabled.  Tried Pi Music Player but was also killed after an hour approximately.  Unbelievable, what application or process has the rights to kill a music player in the middle of a song ?

Yes - suffering from this issue as well. It's got to be some sort of battery saving feature gone awry. It only happens if you don't touch the phone for 30 - 60 minutes while a music app is playing (such as Spotify).

It's -extremely- frustrating. I run into this 2-3 times a day; at the gym, out on a run and even around the house. This never happened in Android 7.1, and it never happened with Oreo Beta. Only the official 8.0.0 brought this forward (I use, and have used, the phone in the exact same way for the past several months).

This is easily the most annoying feature my phone has ever made me deal with. If it were possible to roll back to Android 7.1 I would do that in a heartbeat, and I'm already looking forward to replacing my Nokia 6 with another phone.

I guess this is one of the downsides of getting updates too fast for HMD to bother testing them well enough.

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I had this issue today in the Bathroom. After about 30 minutes the music stoped in the middle of a song. My music app is Aimp. Very frustrating this Oreo Update... Loudness Sound bug and this one here... I hope we get an update with bug-fixes soon!

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Location: United States

Model: TA-1025 

Android version: 8.0.0 

Android security patch level: February 1, 2018

I'm having the same issue with Spotify and Podcast Addict.  

Audio cuts off after 30-60 minutes of inactivity (screen off).

May possibly be related to the new "[app name] is running in the background" notification in Oreo.

May possibly be related to the audio volume issue reported at

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It seems a widespread issue since Android 7.0 when Background Activity Cleaner was introduced. Just google about "background activity cleaner kills whitelisted apps". Wonder if wiping cache partition off would help?

Next update required with 3 things oreo 8.0 india.TA - 1021.1. caller auto answer is not there with eyerphone plus listening music. 2. Storage cache clear is not there as a cleaner. 3. Some apps are Apps are killed after some time. I hope will get soon in next update if it's really they understand this msg.

 The same thing is happening to me, with multiple apps. "EBT Music Player" and "PowerAmp".

 This is a very serious issue. I will probably return the phone to amazon if I have no assurance that this bug will be fixed in a timely fashion.

Does anyone from Nokia want to comment on this?

This bug is a real PITA, I tried everything but to no avail ...  I just heard from someone with a Nokia 8 using Orea 8.1 having the same issue.

Also someone in the Nokia 6 Betalabs reported the same issue:

It looks like this issue will linger on for some time ... :(

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