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Touchscreen delay

Is HMD or Nokia or whoever ever gonna fix the delay in the touchscreen?!? Its very annoying when scrolling some websites, it automatically opens links when u scroll and this is because of delay in the touchscreen... This has been a problem since launch. Or will this only get fixed when i buy a new phone?! I kinda demand an answer!

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I have the same question! Or tell me how to communicate with the service center so that my device is replaced with a new one, the problem is not constant and I can not come to the service and say "look, my phone does not work" Recognize this problem as a software error, a hardware problem, and not just a "recommendation to contact the service." We begin to think about your competence. Thank you for understanding.

The touchscreen isn't the cause of this, it's lag. What happens is that when viewing media rich websites, scrolling up and down results in a choppy or laggy user experience, using links or input fields usually result in lag too and that has an affect on what your doing.

Nokia phones appear to be very laggy for some reason. Just read the complaints on this forum!

After resetting the device still I am experiencing touchscreen delay. I experience when I am typing fast and continuesly. Not sure this is a software issue or hardware issue. Nokia team please resolve this issue ASAP.....
Nokia team appreciate if u could respond to my query.
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