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rollback to previous android

Hello group.

I bought a nokia 8 a week ago.

It was working well but when i tried the earphones the sound is always from the speaker...

I tried with different earphones and no luck.

Is like the phone is not detecting the earphones... the sound always comes from the speakers!

I'm not sure, but i think it was working before an android update...

If i make a factory reset... the android get rolled back also ?

Any other suggestion ?



Nobody reads this ??

It's not that hard to answer to a support center!

Is this the kind of 'return to the market' Nokia talks about ?

Hello, do a factory reset, so the phone will probably work out ok, I always do a factory reset after android update.

This is NOT an official support forum.

Please read the FAQ.

And of you do a factory reset you won't be rolled back, it's not possible.

Try it, and if the problem persists get the phone exchanged.

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