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Official Oreo 8.1.2

Zmień na polski Hello, I noticed that most of them already have an official oreo 8.1.2, but my ta-1012 model still sits on oreo beta ...

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1004 stuck on 8.1 beta, as well
Model TA-1012 Hardware 3 here current 8.1.0 I believe that official Oreo

There are a lot of us stuck on the Oreo 8.1 beta (quite a few TA-1012) if you look at this forum. Some people say if you do a factory reset yo can get the stable version but I haven't tried that. Nokia need to get their act together on this; unlikely to sign up for further beta trials if we get stuck on beta software long after the beta programme ends. 

I wish i could go back to the beta i think it was better than the final release!

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