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Facebook app super slow opening on Android 8 Oreo

Anyone else facing this? Unbearable loading times..

I have the same issue. Nokia is joking around with Nokia 5. I AM thinking change my Nokia 5...
It was OK before.. Some update to the app ruined it. Good thing I got another actually usable phone (Huawei). This has been my first stock android experience and honestly it hasn't been that great. I still have hope tho.

Same here. Facebook app runs fine on my wife's Nokia 5 running 7.1.2!

I became a Facebook beta tester and the app is running fine again. I'll leave the link if anyone wants to try.. https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.facebook.katana

Installed the Beta version but still some lag when scrolling and still slow to open, only now I have a blue screen with a loading bar (takes 15 seconds or so before Facebook has opened lol

Mine was like that also in the beginning but after a while got much better.. Give half an hour give or take should be fine.

Nope, still the same for me! Slow to open (takes 15 - 20 seconds) and scrolling is laggy at best. Video playback is awful too. :/

I do still face some scrolling lag issues too but opening time and video playback is fine. You're on Android 8 Oficial? Maybe try restarting your phone? Or even factory reset?  I did it and I think it fixed a couple of problems, such as ram management and stuff. Still there's no excuse for the amount of problems this phones has.

 i bought the phone 2 days ago, it updated to android 8 after an hour or two of my turning it on.  i had downloaded most of my common apps.  initially facebook and FB messenger were slow to the point of unusable.  yesterday messenger updated and is now working fine.  FB is unusable.  as are a few other apps like my mazda app and booking.com app, strava,

 FB messenger is now unusable again, neither is any video chat app.  i need these apps to communicate with my deaf daughter.  I'm going to send this phone back for a refund.

I don't think this kinda problem expected in new android Oreo 8 but if this kind of issue occurring the reason can be resolve by just restart your phone. Facebook Messenger For PC

Not only facebook! After a few hours of use, the phone becomes SLUGGISH!

It's a PAIN to do anything with it :\\\\

Apps freeze, crash... sometimes i need to wait 1 MINUTE before i can make a call!

AVOID this phones...

Yea, I ditched mine. Purchased a p20 lite and what a difference! Since I ditched the Nokia 5 I have managed to flash it back to 7.1.1 but for now, it's gathering dust in a draw. No more Nokia's for me!
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