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Stuck on January level from 8.1 beta

Hi, I think I am not the only one. I enrolled for the beta 8.1 in December or so I think. And now I'm stuck here. 8.1 stable is supposedly already out. February patch level is supposedly out, too. However I am still stuck on beta 8.1 with January level and can't update. (Flushing Google service framework didn't help either. And the so-called "support" I basically useless.) Dear Nokia, I guarantee you that this was the last time I tried a beta. "Secure and up to date", wasn't that your selling pitch?

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Same with me. Was one of the first to accept 8.1 Beta and now beeing stuck at it (TA-1004).

If I remember correctly, someone said in the 8.0 Beta that Beta users will receive the Final as one of the first.

Very strange since no one from the officials gives a statement.

I am also on the 8.1 beta, i did ask Nokia via Twitter what course of action to take with me being on the beta and to be honest i found their answer a bit terse and it avoided my enquiry.

Thing is i wasn't demanding it now or anything, i politely asked do i just wait or roll back to 8.0 (which i believe we couldn't do now even if we wanted to anyway).

My own presumption is we will get it when they push it to us, simple as that and that being a beta tester doesn't mean you get the stable version any earlier, it seems to be the luck of the draw.

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True. Being in beta doesn't give you anything except... a beta. Still, day after day has passed since the rollout started and nothing happened. I was surprised and didn't know if anything was wrong, whether I have to take action or anything... It feels pretty stupid when you feel clueless. A bit more info would have been nice. I also contacted the support via the app. Unfortunately, this being the second time I asked them something, they were absolutely useless as a support (again). I'm not gonna go into details now, but it's a disappointing support at best. This forum, which is not a support forum, is not moderated and I have no idea whether Nokia reads it or not. But contacting the support app like Anna wrote, is unfortunately no support either... Mmhh... :/ Nokia is still ahead of other manufacturers - timely, i.e monthly, updates as they claimed. (At least so far, I hope they'll keep it up in the long run too.) But still the support is disappointing and wandering in the dark is always annoying. The good news: I finally got the update for my 1004, it's loading right now. I'll probably still keep my hands off of future betas.

I got the stable release the day before yesterday (UK SIM free on EE) so it does just appear when someone somewhere feels it is the right time lol 

I'm still waiting. I have a UK SIM-free phone from John Lewis. Am using plusnet and strangely when I first got phone two EE apps were automatically installed (which obviously shouldn't have been - just because plusnet sits on EE's network doesn't mean EE apps will work).
Same here, although I am on BT mobile and having received the beta updates and the 8.0 promptly, I am surprised and disappointed that it has taken over a fortnight and waiting to get the 8.1 update pushed out. I am also eagerly awaiting the Pro camera app.

Another user stuck on the 8.1 beta. UK TA-1012, EE contract phone. When I tried the 8.0 beta I got the final release within a couple of hours of it being announced. There seems no rationale for the rollouts. 

Guys, i know it's not ideal try to do a factory reset, and setup the phone with NO sim inserted, certain carriers seem to block updates if they didn't approve them yet.

As soon as you connect to a wi-fi network after the reset you should get the update. I was in the same boat and was still on the Beta 3 days or so after the stable version was released and the factory reset triggered the update. 

Good luck.

@TobyKenobi, same here, TA-1012 modem (Belgium), after 8.0 beta i got the stable version a few hours after release, or the day after release. With the 8.1 not so much, again, factory reset triggered update to stable version.

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