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After updating to Oreo 8.0, Nokia 6 is getting restart


I upgraded Nokia 6 to Oreo 8.0 three weeks back. After updating, my phone is getting restart randomly. It is happened 3 times so far,

1. I was unlocking the phone by using fingerprint scanner and it got restart.

2. I was calling someone and I just press the call button and it got restart.

3. It happened today. I was opening one news app and it restarted again and this time home and background buttons are   not working.

Anybody can help me on this ?


Now I am facing some other problems also.

1. Drop down is not working.

2. Noise on speakers.

It's been 2 days to post this issue. But there is no reply from NOKIA. First they released unstable OREO 8.0 update and now there is no response.  My phone is totally messed by NOKIA OREO 8.0 update.

Instead of releasing new devices, first provide the fix up for other problems.

Very much disappointed form NOKIA.

Are you sending diagnostics to Google? If not I would get it replaced. There are probably some Nougat devices around.
I suggest going to your carrier and asking them to upgrade early so you can buy a new phone.

I'm getting restarts since the upgrade to 8. Happens roughly once a day and seems to be when the phone is under load.

Also had a noisy speaker and the volume didn't work but turning off Dolby solved that.

Such a shame as up until then I was loving the phone.

 I did factory data rest of my phone on 23 Feb 2018 and after that it was working fine. But after 3 days it was restarted again while I was connecting phone to the charger.

Today, it's restarted again and again the same issues home key and background keys are not working. Drop down menu is not working , no notifications and etc.

By launching new devices in MWC 2018 doesn't make sense until and unless you provide stable releases.

You have screwed up my phone.

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