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Ear speaker problem - Nokia 6 TA-1021

Hello! For some weeks now I have a problem with the ear speaker. Despite the call volume is at max, i barely can hear the person I talk to. Also it's seems something is loose where the speaker is, because if I tap or shake the phone, I can hear something moving. I mention that i have updated the phone to Oreo 8.0 stable version. 

Am I the single one with this problem? Thank you in advance!

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Similar problems have been reported on the OnePlus forums as well.

Suggested fix was a full factory data reset.

But if something is rattling around inside your phone's casing, you may need to take it to Nokia Service Center for repair.

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Thank you a lot. I will try with the factory reset :( . Something is rattling but i'm not sure if the speaker is the problem.  

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