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Switch to Nokia 6

I need advise, i want to switch to Nokia 6. My big concern is the battery, does it last a complete day? Please i need advise from the fellow users.

I have a Nokia 6 and the battery will certainly last a day or two
Thanks for your reply

Depends on your usage patterns. Nokia 6 battery is enough for 5-6 hours of screen time, but if you play CPU consuming games or have lots of social apps/messengers syncing all the time Nokia 6 battery may not last whole day.

I usually squeeze a full day out of mine.

6am - 10pm

~3 hours of video streaming (YouTube, Netflix, etc.)

~2 hours of audio streaming (Spotify, Podcasts)

~2 hour of active web browsing

~1 hours of active talk/text

My battery is usually ~15% @ 10pm, but seems to be slighly improved after the recent upgrade from Nougat to Oreo.

I keep my app list lean.  If you tend to let a bunch of junk apps run in the background, YMWV.

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