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(AT-1025) No Sound when receiving Calls, SMS, Emails.

Hello. On Tuesday February, 20 my phone was only vibration when I received calls, SMS, or emails. I have checked the Ring and Media Volume. I made sure that the "Do not disturb" button was off. I checked the Setting > Sound > Advance > Phone ringtone : and made sure that there was a tune set. I have turned Off and On the phone multiple times and have NO success. I do NOT want to reset the phone since it's my business phone and have SO MUCH info and multiple email accounts I don't want to log in again. Can anyone help me? Oh, and I currently have Android 8.0.0 I updated February 1, 2018.

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I am also facing this issue.

I believe this started happening right after Feb Patch update.

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A rep had me Clear the cache of the Google Play Services and it worked. Instructions below.

Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Google Play services > Storage > CLEAR CACHE.

After that, do the same for...

Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > SETTINGS > Storage > CLEAR CACHE.

Once you've done that, simultaneously hold the Power and Volume Up button for 10-15 seconds.

The phone DOES NOT hard reset and NO data is lost. 

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That is excellent!
The reps there must know their jobs pretty well :)


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