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Nokia 3310 3G could be the new Nokia 301 if you ad tethering

I am now on my second used Nokia 301, and I have been looking for a replacement ever since M$ canceled the IMHO best feature phone ever made.

Nokia 3310 3G could have been (the only) candidate, even though I personally prefer S40 over S30, but I guess I will just have to accept that s40 has been discontinued.

But why in the world is there no USB/Bluetooth internet tethering option? I personally see little reason to enable 3G connectivity it where not for the opportunity to share that connection with a device with proper browsing opportunities (like a laptop). Because uploading Snake high scores and sending MMS messages is still an acceptable task for the GMS network.

If you, like practically every other phone producing companies, try to give the impression to us users that internet tethering is a very advanced smart phone only possibility, please keep in mind that we (or at least most of us) are not that stupid :)

Come on Nokia! As more and more people turn away from "smart" phones, you have the opportunity to completely dominate feature phone market area once again. Please use that opportunity. Thank you in advance!

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