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Transferring images TO a Nokia 222

I have a Nokia 222.

Using a USB cable, I can connect it to my Windows 10 PC and upload any photos from the Nokia to the PC. However, if I try to copy JPG images from the PC *to* the phone, although a new file appears on the phone it can not be opened. I have tried both the 'Captured' and 'Received' folders as the destination, but the same error with both.

Can anyone advise how to do this please? Why the problem?

I don't have the 222 so I can't really help you out, but what's the resolution of the images you're trying to copy? Does the same problem exist when copying low-resolution images, and PNG images?

The JPG file was 96dpi (same as pix taken by the phone's camera) and only 30KB. However......I've now tried converting it to a PNG and copying that instead and it works OK, as does the same solution with other JPGs.

No idea why that should be necessary, but I only need to move pix TO the phone on very rare occasions, so I think I can live with the inconvenience of the extra step.


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