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Scrolling and ghost touch issues.

I have had the Nokia 8 for the past few weeks. I am up to date on the software side but facing touch issues especially in YouTube and some media heavy apps. Maybe an issue with touch sensitivity. On YouTube a small flick doesn't scroll down instead jitters back to start of the page. Even sometimes the scrolling is in reverse direction. I want to know whether this is a software issue or related to hardware. Anyone else also facing similar issues?

No one has this issue?
Ok found out that apps with top bar which hides when scrolling downwards gets stuck. If anyone else faces similar issue please reply. I have tried two Nokia 8s and both have this issue.

I am experiencing this same problem when my phone is in charger. Scrolling or writing is almost impossible when charging. But when it's plugged off screen works perfectly. I have glass protection, it could be because of that.

Are you going naked or protected with plastic or glass? :D

Its always better to use protection! Btw how's the scrolling in YouTube app. It's very choppy at the beginning then it becomes ok. Try slightly flicking the start of homepage or subs, it bounces back again.
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