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Incorrect accent color in sliders with dark theme and network icon without round corners

Good evening, through the Feedback app installed in the beta version of Android 8.1, I reported, among other things, that in case of dark theme, the color of the sliders, such as adjusting volumes or brightness, is wrong, it's green as on Nexus, instead of blue, the accent color that the Nokia 8 uses.

Today I got the update to the stable version, with february security patches, and I notice that this aesthetic flaw has not been resolved, causing inconsistency in the UI.

In the case of a clear theme, the sliders have the correct accent color.

To check you can use any very dark background, in order to activate the dark theme.

In addition to this, the network icon in the status bar is also incorrect. Android 8.1 have been adopted icons with rounded corners (wifi, battery and network). While in the quick toggles and settings the icons are all correct, in the status bar no. Battery and wifi have icons with rounded corners, the network no.

They are little things, but that still show little attention to detail, I hope they will be resolved in the next updates, because this inconsistency in the UI is really bad.



Here the screenshots of the sliders. You can notice the green color instead of blue.

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I agree with you.
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