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"System UI has stopped working" after 8.1 update!

I was just prompted to update my Nokia 8 to Android 8.1. I did so, and now the phone no longer loads the OS! Upon bootup (after Nokia logo shows up) I get a "System UI has stopped working" prompt and nothing appears after that. The always-on display comes up, and when I turn on the display its just a black screen. I reboot the phone and the same thing happens.

This has rendered my phone useless and I have no backup. What should I do?


And none of the hard reset instructions available online work. There is no way to get into recovery mode. Ridiculous. 

That's not good. Contact Nokia Support directly. This is a user's forum for users to try and help each other and not monitored by Nokia all the time. Sorry I can't be of more help than that.
If your phone will boot and you can get into settings, just go to system, then reset options and you can factory reset from there. If it won't start you will need to get into recovery, try this: 1- Nokia off. 2- Plug USB cable (mandatory). 3- Then push on vol+ until android robot appears. 4- Then push Power On first, maintain it and then press Vol+ to launch recovery menu.
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