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Smart lock stopped working since Oreo 8.1 update

Since the Oreo 8.1 update Smart Lock option does not work. Even the setting menu for it is just a blank page.

Yes the same problem will show me , what I do
Disable Trust Agents (Settings>Security & location>Trust Agents>Disable Smart Lock) Restart Enable Trust Agents Worked!
Same issue and solution on Nokia 7 plus with August 2018 security updates
Please unmark as answered. The problem comes back often after reboots. I know the procedure fixes it but this is a bug.

You need to disable the Smart Lock trust agent every time, before rebooting, and enable it again after.

It's a bug which Google seem to have no intention of addressing

OnePlus and Motorola have it fixed on their forks of android

Then get a OnePlus or Motorola. The point of owning a Nokia is that you get as close to the original Android experience as possible. No bloat, no skin you don't want, no apps you don't need, just Android.

This is not an issue for manufacturers to fix while they pile tons of crap on top of the stock Android, it's down to Google.

No need for that was there? I just happen to have access to a OnePlus 3 and a Motorola and this is not an issue on either of them. I assumed the smartlock and trust agent code would be vanilla Android. I'm not convinced all the code on the Nokia's comes from Google. Eg the power management services are from Evenwell. So you are saying this bug exists on all pixels and Android One devices running 8.1.

No need for what? You argued that OnePlus and Motorola were superior because they no longer had the issue. I merely advised that you should buy those phones if you wanted everything that comes with them.

I'm saying that the issue is with Android, not Nokia. I thought that was clear. You could have Googled the problem and found a thousand threads on the topic, all related to different manufacturers.

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