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Hi guys 30 days before I buy Nokia 8 but its lots of software issues and I update my phone 5 times , again this problem will show

Pls tell anyone what I do

I think no one seems to care about customers in this forum

 I buy this phone last month but didn't have this problem till now.

seems good phone. best thing abot it that I can install Spotify Premium Apk last version without problem.

What are you not happy about? I actually love the phone. It's the best phone I ever had. Superb screen, very fast, updated Android, amazing battery time and a very good build quality. I have nothing to complaint about. I am a happy Nokia owner again!

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user1519038279448 this is a community forum its not a post a problem and get an instant answer from Nokia forum.

If you have a problem that you think deserves the direct intervention from Nokia then take your phone to a service centre.

MrBelter I took my device to the service centre, but the support staff there didn't respond in a positive way. They told the touch panel has to be changed, but gave no ETA on the availability. I bought the device being a long time Nokia fan. But seems that Nokia is no more. Check my issue on my other post in Nokia 8 forum.

MrBelter, I have contacted Nokia support through chat and the response was horrible, it was like chatting with a bot. I regret my purchase and in my country there is no return option so I am stuck with this device. Even my previous reply was not posted to this forum. This is not an isolated issue, many people have bugs and problems but there is no platform to report them.

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