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Camera issues after 8.1 final

Anyone else getting "Can't connect to camera" errors after the final 8.1 release? I never had any problems in the beta, but it's common after the final release got installed..

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Apparently my device - Nokia 8 - became incompatible with HMD's camera app after I upgraded to 8.1, so I do not know what those people at HMD are doing. I never had such issues with Windows Phone *cough*. Anyone have any alternative camera app recommendations?

You could try "Open Camera" by Mark Harman, its free and without ads. ;-)

I have same issue, just posted an own thread. And using other camera apps bring same issue. No idea what to do.
I have this problem on the Nokia 6.1 2018 after 8 1, was there ever a solution to this?
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