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I just bought a Nokia 8 for about a week. The TA-1004. It crashed automatically disconnecting Wifi and saying "no connection", I checked again: 1. The router is not hot, restart 2. ISP internet line 3. The distance between the Nokia and the router is airy, no obstructions, close range 4. For the Nokia device factory reset, reinstall is complete 5. No software conflict The cause is due to device hardware or system version android 8.0 or angten wifi Nokia 8 Does anyone like me, please help enthusiastically, I am very grateful....

What router is it? People seem to have having issues with TP Link routers and the Nokia 8

Router NO Problem! NOKIA 8 issue. antenna
It's the 5ghz on the phone, it can't hold on to it. Turn it off on your router, work only on the 2ghz. Nokia know about it but are being very very slow in fixing it. Just like the auto focus on the camera. That's been an issue since day one. No sign of fixing that. Only two issues I have. But it's two I use and need fixing. Same old Nokia. They never rushed before.
Thank you for helping me, there sure is a problem with software, drivers, android 8.0, or the problem of hardware angtenna (nokia)
This is a Google issue and a known Oreo 8.1 bug, its not a fault with the WiFi driver, this will be fixed by Google and will likely be pushed in future security update.

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Not 100% but i think the May update as sorted my WIFI out. been on two hours now and still working. never lasted that long. but fingers crossed. 

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