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Android Oreo

Hi, When will the Android Oreo OS available for my Nokia 5 phone in Australia


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So lucky you are! Trust me, Nokia 5 with official Oreo is not good at all. Is full of bugs and issues. I made a downgrade and I return to Nougat 7.1.1.

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How did you downgrade? Easy safe method?
Its more tricky than Samsung devices but is not impossible. I followed the instructions from XDA developers. The instructions are not good enough, there are some things that I discovered by myself, like how to get the download mode, recovery mode when appears "No command" message and things like that. But finally I'm happy again with my device.
I agree. Oreo 8.0 official upgrade had some bugs. In my case, fingerprint sensor cannot add a new print. Besides "OK Google" command doesn't unlock.

I don´t know why everybody is complaining about the Oreo update, my Lovely Nokia 5 is working just fine, no bugs and no nothing :P 

Tech Wizard

Nougat 7.1.1 is better than 7.1.2 as it had better background apps management.

Since Oreo is constantly being updated, lets hope the issues are fixed soon

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