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Android 8.0.0 volume

 Upon updating to Android 8.0.0, ringing the phone and the sms alert are too strong. Before the phone was with Android 7.1.2 and this problem was gone. Please fix this problem.
Nokia 6 (TA-1021).

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yes me two

me too

 Same problem here. Android 8.0.0 on TA-1021

I found complaints from OnePlus users in Nov2017 about low volumes after Oreo update. Perhaps this was fixed in recent update and now the volumes on Nokia are too high?

It is truly annoying; even on lowest volume setting the ringtone and speaker volume is too loud.

Upon sending service request via website, the Nokia Mobile Care replied; Please disable the Dolby >do a soft reset> holding the power off button and the volume up button for 10 sec until you feel a vibration and see the android logo >enable the Dolby again. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem, but when disabling Dolby the volume is back to normal level. So that is a good workaround for now.
I have this problem on mine too (TA-1025). I still experience it after the 8.1 update. Turning off Dolby sound only fixes the media volume for me (not the ringers)

 Yes I have the same on Android 8.0 and 8.1 update. At the volume level 1 income mail wake up the whole room so I set to silent. The is shame, please fix it.

Maybe there is a reason why no other Nokia Android phone have Dolby?

Lol dolby atmos tuning is actually an expensive tech to pay for, they have to hire dolby technician to fine tune the audio according to the audio behavior of each phone with their sophisticated algorithm. They introduced it in nokia 6 because it was the first phone of nokia hmd comeback so they wanted to make it great. Later, they used their own ozo audio later on on other devices to save cost.
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