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Dot notification not working

I enabled the dot notifications but the are not working. Is anyone else experiencing any issues with Nokia 8 on 8.1

Yes, I too am facing this issue. Just bought a new Nokia 8 yesterday and this is very frustrating. Any help anyone?

For an unknown reason the notifiaction dot stoppped working for Whatsapp on my Nokia 8. I had to uninstall and reinstall Whatsapp for it to start working again, no combination of settings would make the notification dot come back.

 Mine notifications never worked!!!

Hello friends! I finally solved the issue. Just do a factory reset and it should work fine. I did it yesterday and now notification dots are showing.
hard reset is not a solution! start again? this is a bug, we need a fix!
Same here, it never worked on my Nokia 8, with Oreo 8.1 - annoying. Please fix it Nokia!


Factory reset the device is not a good solution.

Try to clear the cache and data of the Launcher 3 app. Do not force stop or disable, just clear the cache and data. You will have to rearrange your app icons after that, as the procedure will make your phone's desktop return as it was out of the box.

 Is launcher 3 the nokia stock launcher? Cause I did not install any launcher app from the play store.
And how to clean up the cache and the data, can you discribe? Cheers


Launcher 3 is the standard launcher for phones with pure android. It comes preinstalled.

Go to settings > Apps & Notifications > see all apps > Launcher 3. Select storage ant tap on clear cache and clear data. Go back to desktop. It may take few seconds for the phone to return to the original menu.

I am not sure this fix may work at 100%, but it is worth the try. Remember that you will have to rearrange the icons in your desktop. I do a screenshot before doing this :)

I contacted the Nokia Mobile Care via Support app through the chat. The Tech said to clear the cache of the Launcher3 and the apps that has big size of cache. I also clear the data of the Launcher3 and... well... I have to re-arrange all my icons. To Ritzar above, I hope this works. If it doesn't, I might go the factory reset way lol
Guys, I think I might have found what's causing it (after buying Nova Launcher). Mine can work and now the dot is showing! You guys go to Settings - Speciall App Access - Notification Access - Turn on the Launcher3!!! Finally! Sorry to say but Tech guys in the support app are not helpful at all. Lol give it a try guys!


Actually the tech guys gave you the proper answer here as they Identified where the problem comes, which is the Launcher 3.

It is normal when you install a new launcher he will mess up with the original one. So what the tech said was ok. 

Since they cannot know where users have been in the menus and what they change, logically they will make you reset the Launcher 3, which is the native one.

this is a known bug actually and it used to happen often in Nougat, where the notifications could not be cleared.

The solution is 2 posts above. Now it's working

I too have the same problem.none of given solutions worked.

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