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Launcher/interface like in battery saving mode

My interface seemed like on the battery saving even when it's fully charged or has ample battery level. This started a few days after the oreo update. Can you fix this please? Thanks

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Tech Wizard

Did you toggle on Night Light?

Settings > Display > Night Light

If not, please explain what you see in more detail.

My phone is working the same as it would in Battery saver mode..for example the interface and launcher dosent work smoothly now. It just operates abruptly like in battery saver mode.
user389, bro it's not the night light which is causing problem.

Tech Wizard

Battery Saver mode disables screen animations and dims the screen.

Did you enable developer options, and disable screen animations there?
If so, turn off developer mode, or adjust to your preferences.

- A soft reset by press and hold the volume-up and power button simultaneously until the phone restarts may sort out all sorts of strange issues.
- A too slow or defective SD memory card spoils everything.

user389, no bro I didn't enable developer options. It all happened suddenly while I was playing YouTube. my phone now works like its in battery saver mode, even when the battery saver mode is off. And yes I did perform the restart several times. But it's still the same. Bro you think resetting to factory settings would solve the problem?
Are you trying to say that the device lags and stutters while scrolling and swiping?
Nash, exactly opposite of that bro. Just turn on the battery saver mode and see the way the swipe actions, opening and closing of apps etc works as compared to normal mode.

Tech Wizard

I would not do a factory reset yet, the phone is faster without animations.

Instead I suggest clear the cache of battery related system apps. It's just a wild guess, since I can't replicate the issue - and I don't know exactly what you see on your phone.
The procedure does not delete any user data or settings, but it vacuum cleans any leftover bugs from the update:

Settings > Apps & notifications > App info

Tap the menu dots top/right and select Show system

Scroll to Battery protection, tap and select Storage, tap Clear cache

Go back to All apps, scroll and clear the cache of Power saver and PowerMonitor in the same way.

- Clear the cache of the Camera app also, to make sure that panorama mode works after the Oreo update.

Do a soft reset afterwards by press and hold volume-up and power.

If still unresolved, try restart the phone in Safe mode: Press and hold the restart option in the shutdown options > tap restart in safe mode.

Screen animations are enabled in safe mode, and it should rule out any third-party apps interfering with screen.

Using the phone in safe mode for a couple of hours, then restart to normal mode can sometimes sort out strange issues.

Please let us know how it goes?

Tried everything but finally had to take it to the service centre. The problem is solved now. They said it had some system issue.

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