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symbian app developement

Hi i am engineering student, symbian app developement is the task issued to me. After googling it i got i have to download S60 sdk, carbide ide, perl 

but i could not find these above softwares, i have my old nokia e63, and nokia 5230/5233 phones

pls share these above softwares with me.

pls do the needful GOD will help you,

i am in a great need of it pls help

thanks in advance


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Tech Wizard

I'm afraid you have been assigned an impossible task...

Please let your teacher read:

Quoting the Wikipedia page:

"Nokia terminated its support of software development and maintenance for Symbian with effect from 1 January 2014"

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Tech Wizard

Just to add: The current Nokia development and projects can be found via

For example would (in my opinion) be a better task for an engineering student - but please ask your teacher ;-)


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Community Hero

Wow, I'm VERY confused about why you've been asked to work on development for Symbian! If you really need to find these tools and documentation then they are available on the web, but not easy to find. If you read the website looking for topics about symbian development tools then you will eventually find what you seek.

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Sorry for the very late answer, but just now i was in need of the carbide.ui so i searched the web and found out that someone have backup-ed the entire Symbian development tools and is available in mediafire. Url: 

Community Hero

Yes, just be careful - some things in that archive were flagged as a security threat by my antivirus.

I'm still confused why you're being asked to work on Symbian, even more confusing why you're being asked to use Carbide, which was basically dropped when Symbian Belle was launched (maybe Symbian Anna too), which primarily uses Qt.

Are you updating some old app?

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