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Camera main and front not working

Hello, I have been On 8.1 beta labs tester and didn't find any major bug. This week came official update and found out a day or two later when using Whatsapp that the camera is not working. I switched to Nokia (HMD) native camera app and it asked for permissions what I granted. However all stayed black and I thought to reset the permission later and all gets fixed. Today I failed with that and wanted to try with Google own camera app that I had installed. The same issue, camera is black, nothing working. I thought to reinstall the Google app and figured out I can't, it says my device isn't compatible. I tried with some other app, still the same. What could be the root cause? Not really cool if the camera doesn't work at all despite all critic around it. But not working at all frustrates me. Never had anything comparable. Any ideas what to do?

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Tech Wizard

Defects happen ...

Backup everything, factory reset the phone.
If the camera still fails, claim the warranty.

I hope you get it sorted out.

It looks I didn't try out the most simple. I thought I did but I did RESTART again. Now Nokia camera app works again. Very bad as it can't take pics from moving object as it is too slow. Also Google native camera app is still not available but at least I can take a photo again also in other apps.
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