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Photo watermark lacks text edit after Oreo OS update

Hello there Nokia Community, I just updated my Nokia 6 phone. The Oreo update changed quite a number of things for my phone. One of them was the camera app. It has taken away the ability for a user to put their personal watermark into photos taken using their phone. Instead it currently only allows one to display the "Nokia" watermark. Is this a glitch or did they do this on purpose? Will they be developing a way to enable users to write/insert their own watermark into the text field as seen prior to the Oreo update? I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this issue, but it would be preferable to be able to insert my own text & symbols for the watermark feature on the camera app. If anyone knows a way to do this with the current by update, please tell us how. But otherwise it's completely lacking that option.

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Tech Wizard

The first Nokia watermark can't be edited.

Select the watermark that reads 2018 @ by Nokia 6

Tap to reveal a tiny pencil in the corner of the box > tap the pencil icon.

There is 3 lines available for any text you want.

Not user friendly, but it's there.



Hi @user389,

There's only a toggle button for the watermark in the photo settings. And the watermark only says, "Nokia." There's no other setting to choose the @Nokia 2018. All I can do is move the watermark around and when I select it there's a white box around it. I have tried long pressing the watermark, double tapping or pinching it but it only allows me to drag it around. There's no pencil icon or 3 lines available for text that you spoke of in your previous comment reply.

Is there a certain way to go to what you're talking about or do I need another update or something else?


Tech Wizard

After watermark is enabled in the camera settings, with the default Nokia watermark displayed on the screen, tap  >  in the middle/right side of the viewfinder area to select the Weather or 2018 @ by Nokia watermark.
There's a  <  in the left side of the viewfinder area to go back.

The Weather watermark can be edited with one line of location info.
The 2018 @ watermark has room for 3 lines with anything you want.

- Tap to display the border box, tap the tiny pencil icon top/left to edit.


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