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February update

when will my nokia 5 ta-1053 will have the feb update because its feb 25 now in Philippines does anyone here in different country doesn't have the feb update

Here in Italy nothing. I have Nokia 5 TA-1024 with 7.1.2...I didn't receive Oreo. I don't know...

 Stay with Android 7; I got updated to 8.0.0 (in Italy) and HotSpot doesn't work anymore, devices connect but with no Internet access. I would like to return to original version.

Che versione hai del Nokia 5? Avevi scaricato Oreo Beta? Io no. What is your Nokia 5 version? Were you a beta tester?

 E' un modello TA-1053, io non avevo scaricato nulla, tantomeno ero/sono un Beta tester, il sistema mi ha proposto un aggiornamento di Android (era nato con la 7) e io stupidamente l'ho installato.

Nokia Model TA_1053 has received the software update with android Oreo with the February security package in Romania!
Grazie per l'informazione. Vedo che anche in Romania hanno aggiornato il TA-1053. Magari il 1024 lo aggiorneranno dopo.
hi user1512672516537 as i read your comment if its for my i am a beta tester for oreo and my nokia 5 abd u already update ny phone to the stable version of oreo 8.0.0
Thanks for the answer.
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