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Hope HMD can pay attention and update the Nokia 8's camera app because it has a lot of bugs and it's not good to use,so I hope new camera app can be available to use by everyone who have Nokia phone

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Try the Modded Google Camera app from XDA link. I am using cstark27's app. It gives better results than the stock nokia camera app.

But i think it still not good enough not as better as pro camera you know that one on the Nokia 7 plus

Hope they provide the pro camera app on the next update. Also don't know about the android one collab which hmd announced today at MWC. It will be good if our device is also included in it.

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Yeah hopefully HMD will give us that camera app because that just the best camera app of all time since it published i want nothing more just that camera app

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 yes exacly also we can't use InShot Pro Apk Ad Free with this camera app.

Yeah but i think editor app is not a big problem because there always have another good editor app in the store

From the info i've gathered it seems like a Pro Mode app with full manual controls will be pushed to every ZEISS equipped Nokia smartphone, so great news. A bit late, but it's good that they are building on customer feedback and keep pushing things forward.

Hoffentlich kommt Nokia Pro Camera wirklich bald für das nun bald "alte" 8 und nicht erst "irgendwann" (App müsste bereits vor der April - Einführung des SIROCCO) fertig sein). Die jetzt App ist das einzige, was mich bisher an "meinem" 8 stört (ein "neuers Flaggschiff" steht bei mir derzeit definitiv nicht an) .
Just hope that HMD don't make any stupid decision

I just read that the PRO camera will come after Nokia 8 Sirocco is in sale (don't remember which site, maybe it was in an article on "Nokia Power User).

Just remember, it was in forum in this article: Nokia Pro Camera coming to ZEISS certified Nokia phones

I just read the news about the pro camera will be coming to every device with ziss (apparently Nokia then)on IT home and that really makes me excited because I finally can use the proper camera app to take some nice pictures that means a lot for all Nokia user great job HMD just one thing please come to us quick
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