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Nokia 8 Screen Ghosting at -10 Celcius

My Nokia 8 is showing fairly severe screen ghosting at temperatures of around -10 degrees celcius. This causes noticeable blurriness when scrolling a webpage, for example. To give a rough idea on the amount of ghosting, assuming the display refreshes 60 times per second, my hunch is that I'm seeing ghosts of the last 7-10 frames while scrolling. Is this characteristic behavior for the product, or a problem with my unit? Should I worry about the longevity of the display?

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I am facing scrolling and ghosting issues at normal temperatures. Don't know whether it's a hardware or software issue.
I suddenly face the same issue. The screen started ghosting at normal temperature but only in the lower 2/3 part of it. All the other functions of the phone are working well. Any ideas?

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Seems like a poor QC issue. I asked the service centre in my location and they told the part is not yet available. Have to wait nearly a month for screen replacement.
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