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Audio playback issues with 8.1

I am having an issue where audio stops after about 30 minutes of playback, the only way to get it going again is to unlock the device and go into the app. This happens with audio books on Audible and podcasts through Podcast Addict with wired and Bluetooth headphones. The issue only starred after the full 8.1 update. I had no issues with 7.1, 8.0 beta, 8.0 full release or 8.1 beta. I tried a full wipe and it still happens. Is anyone else seeing this? Any ideas on a fix? It's as if Android is killing the app.

I experience exactly the same issue. It happens in my case with online radio apps and mp3 player apps. I have to restart the app.
I might have a workaround for this issue. I tried tweaking a couple of things in developer settings but nothing worked. So I tried playing Audible and Podcast Addict using Android Auto and both played for well over 30 minutes without stopping. This was with the screen off and over bt.

me too, it happened twice using "music folder" app.

it happened since I've oreo 8.1 stable version.

Yes I have had problems with Google Play stopping working and shutting down after 30 mins. The same with BBC iPlayer Radio too. The tech advice offered was poor too.
Got this advice on XDA (thanks Teddybears) "Press and hold battery, go to background activity manager, find your app, grey out slider switch. This will allow any app to work forever and a bit longer." This works for me. Nokia need to fix it properly though.
Tested again this morning and over an hour of audio with no issues. Thus definitely works for me.
I have tried that fix and it still does not work for me, Google Play and BBC iPlayer App switch off after about 30 mins closing down completely. They have to be opened again to start using again for another 30 mins before they close down again. I was told to use Battery Doctor but fail to see how this would improve the matter that is introducing an unknown to an existing problem.

I've tried the trick suggested but it doesn't work for me, after 30 minutes the app music folder stopped playing the songs so I'm forced to enter in the app again and start it

Same issue, however, it happened with 8.0 for me as well. Spotify and Youtube also stop at around 30 sec, and what's really annoying is that when I restart play, it often does at a much higher volume.

Damn, I don't want my ears to ring.

Teddybears' trick doesn't work for me. Radio stream app shuts down after approximately 30 minutes. I have to start the app again.

Same issue here! This is very common problem. You have to to fix it.

I also have this problem.

Has anyone reported this to Nokia? It looks to me like this is not incidental. I also have this issue on the official Oreo 8.1 release and first thought it was a Spotify related issue. And I can confirm that the issue does not occur when using Android Auto.
Well it turned out that teddybeers solution didn't work after all. But this was posted on XDA Also tried the trick and it did not work for me. I tried other things (restart/factory reset), but nothing worked. Spotify music streaming always stops after 30 minutes, when the phone is just laying on a table (display is off). It started after upgrade to Android 8.1. There are a couple of threads about this on nokia site (no solutions): https://community.phones.nokia.../discussions/topics/7000017413 https://community.phones.nokia.../discussions/topics/7000016497 Fortunately, I have found a nice free open-source application (very small, just 31kB and also ad free done by XDA developer dark3n) that keeps the phone from entering doze mode and in doing so killing spotify and other music apps. It is called Wake Lock - PowerManager: https://play.google.com/store/...s?id=eu.thedarken.wl&hl=en It allowed me to play over an hour of podcast with no issues. Credit to akocis.
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