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OIS on the camera, does it have it or not?

This might look like an ilogical question but the reality is...nowhere does it say if the "Nokia 8 Sirocco" has OIS on the camera or not.

We assume it does because it has a huge camera hump and the "Nokia 8" has it as well. And if this is a "Nokia 8 Sirocco" it can't possibly have a worse camera. But...if it doesn't have OIS...then I'm afraid it IS a worse camera.

Please tell me you didn't make the serious SERIOUS mistake of not adding OIS to the camera of the Nokia 8 Sirocco...

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According to few news pages and youtubers . There's no optical image stabilization (OIS) in Nokia 8 sirocco. Even I'm wondering. The premium phone with everything done well, how can they miss OIS ??!!!

Yeah, meanwhile it has been confirmed that the phone does NOT have OIS.

Or microSD expansion.

Or a headphone jack.

This phone is a complete fail, just like the Nokia 8 before it. Looks are irrelevant when you're missing the core features of a true flagship (which is what this phone is priced at). I've since lost any interest on the 8 Sirocco or ANY other HMD smartphone for that matter. After two years I think it has become clear that they are NOT capable of producing a real flagship worthy of the Nokia branding.

I would just wish Nokia would revoke their license and give it to someone else.

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