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Music Player shuts for no reason

  Having a problem when playing music using wireless phones riding my bike to work. The app closes about 30 minutes for no apparent reason or when getting notifications or messages. Weird and annoying. I have never experienced something like this on previous mobile phones. Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have similar problem... When i listen musik in the TuneIn or Rautemusik app, the music stops playing cca. 33 minutes, after screen lock. Then i must reopen the app, wich is in the background. I listen this over Wi-fi connection. Please help.

hi guys, make sure you allow these apps to run in background, by adding them in whitelist in Background activity manager.

You can find it in battery settings, if any app is not whitelisted there it can be turned down by the system.

Try this maybe it can help.

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