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Nokia 8 camera isn't working well

After Oreo 8.1 front camera isn't focusing. Pictures taken by front camera are not clear. I went to service centre they flashed my phone but no change still facing problem. Please fix it Nokia

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The same problem I am also facing.
I also facing same problem. It is not a good phone.
Same problem I m facing. How to solve it
Well, I have to admit I am a disappointed with the Nokia 8 camera pictures. No doubt they are razor sharp, but terribly dark. In evening setting, my old OnePlus 3T used to take enviable photos that I could show off. With the Nokia 8, I get dark pictures that I need to delete immediately. Quite sad.
@user1529139627007 Use pro camera. You can click better photos.

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Many thanks!!

I have the same issue, camera is useless with that focus vibration.
I have same issue.. ..
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