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Voice commands and Google Assistant in Finnish (and other languages)!

Hey guys!
This is a question for HMD and all of you guys if you know about this. HMD is marketing the new phones that has android one with the assistant that comes in it. But still for this day google haven't included Finnish or many other languages in the assistant which makes the assistant not work on a phone that is set the language as Finnish. Are you guys in HMD trying to push Finnish and other smaller languages to the assistant and other google services (Android auto etc.)? Because now many features are blocked because the google assistant cannot be used in Finnish.

I hope the Finnish support comes soon (and HMD is a Finnish company, so please....). It is also weird that when you search in a google app in Finnish, the search works perfectly and it recognizes every word perfectly, somehow the command ( Drive to "streetname") works in Finnish too but not any other command like (Play, pause, call etc...).

Does anyone know anything about this? I know this is Google's issue but they haven't answered me in these 2 years I have been asking that... :D

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There's a recent update regarding Google Assistant at

- It does not mention Finnish specifically.

I don't know if or what HMD can do to influence Google.



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If HMD and Nokia can influence Google to increase the number of languages it will be a great thing. It's in HMD's interest that Google Assistant supports all languages in all markets where they sell their phones.

Regarding Finnish, I personally wouldn't ever promote one language more than any other, but it's very odd that HMD/Nokia phones don't support the language in their home market!

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