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still no oreo

 Hi, TA-1033 in UK on EE, still no february security update or Oreo 8. Anyone else have oreo?

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Yes got it today, swapped out my EE sim for a GiffGaff (O2) one cleared Google services framework cache and hey presto!!

 Hi Andy, tried that today with an Giffgaff sim, didn`t work on my phone sadly. :(

That's a shame did you let phone update carrier services and reboot plus clear Google services framework cache? Try checking a couple times for update and see???

 yes I did, did it all, cleared cache a few times, but no update. :(

Success! Tried it again this evening and it just updated :)

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It's 3 March and my TA1033 in the UK is still on 1 Jan and 7.1.2. What's happening HMD?
I'm the same as you Ellie, I have in Mexico the Nokia 6 ta-1039 and still nothing, android 7.1.2 and the patch of January being already in March

Reset the factory settings.

You can enjoy that you do not have Android 8. Sound quality is a disaster in Oreo.
Tbh it's not so much Oreo that I want, it's the monthly security patches. And I expect these to come over the air.
that's true, I've read a lot of bad things about the update, but since I was testing version 8 (then I left when they announced the final version and I still did not get anything) There are several characteristics that I liked and if it would be nice to have them
I have the same issue and the ta-1033 version.why is it taking so long to roll out oreo.and why is it that I'm still got the January security patch 2018?
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