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Downgrade to previou version


I need to run background apps. They work fine with previous version Oreo. My current version is 00WW_22A  with selecting no optimization in Battery set-up. In this version, the no optimization is not working.

Best Regards, Jari

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Tech Wizard

Hi Jari,

Please clarify how battery optimization does not work.

- Are you unable to select 'Don't optimize' for the particular apps from the 'Special app access' settings page, or is something else wrong?

Oreo beta and the final Oreo should work the same, basically, but I had to do a few restarts, run the phone in safe mode for an hour, and clear the cache of some apps and system apps before everything worked as expected.

Next time I'll backup all and do a factory reset instead...

On my phone, Bluetooth turned itself off, the music player stopped, panorama mode in the camera didn't work etc.

All is well now, with default power and background settings everywhere.


Hi ! Yes I can select no optimization from the setup's battery page for the app  but it does not have any effect. Seems to be a devu as the problem was discussed quite largely in various forum and the problem was fixed. The latest update returned the situation two updates backward. Factory reset does not help as it does not return the phone on original stage.

user1519673337962:"Factory reset does not help as it does not return the phone on original stage." Painfully so. It most likely is due to the arrogant attitude of Google towards its customers as I do not know any Android make/model where it would be possible to roll back an OS update (by "rooting" one possibly can do it, but such tweaking is not available for the mere mortals). This bug/restriction/annoyance is _a major_ issue for the users, not only because of the many bugs usually brought in by the new OS version, but also because the new OS version very often bricks some or many of the apps that are important for the use and the user has no way to know beforehand which apps will be bricked. So the only rational option for the user is: Do not install any OS updates until it is very sure that (A) the update is decently bug free and that (B) the OS update will not brick such apps that are important for the user. In practice this usually means waiting for the duration of 2 to 4 months while actively following up the various forums where OS bugs are being reported and also browsing the compatibility situation of each of the apps that are important for the user. I'm absolutely sure that if it was any other industry area such attitude/manners of an industry giant would not be possible. Only the tech inclined customers (smartphone, digicam etc geeks) quietly submit to this type of "customer service".

Tech Wizard

@ user1519673337962,

Which particular app(s) require settings changes regarding background activity and/or battery optimization, please?

All of Google's built-in apps, Sports-Tracker, YR weather, a local Internet radio app and a local news app works as expected with default settings for me.
- It is up to the developers to make their apps Android 8 compatible.

A factory reset will remove the bugs caused by the upgrade.
The reset is probably less time-consuming than finding and clearing the cache of individual apps with bugs in it from the upgrade?


Hans, who has issued such a ruling that: "It is up to the developers to make their apps Android 8 compatible."? Google could have opted towards servicing the customers. In the way Microsoft has been doing from the start, it is called backwards compatibility, due to the backward compatibility nearly all software that was written for the 16-bit Windows 3.1 still runs equally well in 64-bit Win7. But sadly the strategy of Google is to "invent" irrational stormy changes (not improvements) into each major version of Android OS. They do this in the attempt to boost the sales, those changes will artificially phase out the older (more than 12 month "old") phones since the phone manufacturers either are not interested or not able to update their "older" phones to the latest OS. And these OS changes also means that every time Google publish a major OS version, each of the millions of app developers must rewrite and debug their app once again, not all the developers wants to do that repeatedly, so such apps just quickly die away quietly.

Tech Wizard

Hi TimoA,

Please refer to

and similar pages regarding earlier versions.

Developers can target their apps to earlier versions of Android, but there will always be new limitations regarding what the app is allowed to do when in the background.
I use a couple of local apps that works in KitKat (Android 4.4) in their latest versions, and use other apps that has not been updated for years. Android is not as hopeless as you want it to be.

Windows 7 is long obsolete. Don't get me started! ;-)


Hans, yes some older apps do continue to work under a newer Android OS but many do not. In regards of the issue of this thread, a simple question. Why does Google not allow the user to roll back to the earlier OS version? Since none of the Android phone manufacturers offer this possibility then it must be Google that has chosen to disallow this it from the users. It obviously is not for the best interest of the users since in most situations a functioning/working phone is much better than a brick.

Tech Wizard

I hoped Jari would comment during the weekend...
If the app(s) worked as expected during Oreo beta, it should still work in the final version - pending any bugs caused by the update process - which should be resolved by a factory reset and setup the phone from scratch.
If not then a visit to the point of sale or a care point is the next step.

HMD market Nokia Android phones as "100% pure, secure, and up to date".
If this is not what you want or need, then the best solution is buy a different brand, maybe a pre-owned phone that is stranded at Android 4, 5 or 6.

Please don't use straw man arguments, I'm too grumpy for that - the phone is not bricked, we are talking background activity management of apps in Oreo, right?


Hans, the title of this thread is Downgrade to previous version, that is what I'm talking about. There are several unsolved issues, besides some background activity, in the v.8.0 why people would roll back to v.7.1.2 if only they had the possibility. But HMD/Google deny the users this very basic option.

"HMD market Nokia Android phones as "100% pure, secure, and up to date". Yes, that is a noble marketing chant but in reality HDM is not able to detect, not to mention fix, all the bugs that Google has embedded into the new OS version.  Please look at this from the consumers viewpoint, if HMD is the first to offer the users the ability to roll back to the previous OS when they have such a need, then HMD could add yet another verse to the marketing chant, like "user respecting" or such. Perhaps the HMD could even get such an option patented.

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