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Nokia 7 Plus in the U.S.?

I see some conflicting things regarding if the Nokia 7 Plus and other new Nokia phones announced at the Mobile World Congress 2018 will support the necessary bands for use in T-Mobile, AT&T and other GSM Networks. 

The Nokia 6 2017 was released and supported both these carriers, so naturally I would believe that the Nokia 7 Plus and other Nokia devices would support these bands as well. Further, with their partnership with Amazon selling "exclusive" Amazon Nokia phones in certain colors, it would only make sense to make a variant with support for these bands/carriers. Also, since they are going with Android One, you'd think Google would jump on to offer them via Project Fi, as that network is in desperate need of new devices and offering Nokia phones directly through them would entice buyers to not only join up with their network but also give consumers more options to pick up other phones. It would be a win-win situation on both sides.

Bottom line is, does anyone know or can anyone confirm that these upcoming Nokia phones (specifically the Nokia 7 Plus since that is the one I want) will work with other carriers in the U.S. like T Mobile/AT&T etc? 

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This is exactly what I want to know. I know several people that are interested in the new Nokia phones if they are available with US bands.

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I bought the Nokia 6.1 for my wife a few weeks ago and it's been great so far.  However, I need something with more RAM and Memory, so bringing the Nokia 7 Plus to the US certainly would fit my needs.

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