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February issues

Tech Wizard

* The user guide postings for the new Nokia models are not sticky (does not stay at the top).

* Parts of the forum content is back to Times New Roman instead of the styled font.
- this appears to be linked to the V missing next to the avatar when logged in.

- and to the headline font in subjects now (again) too thin on the mobile in Chrome.

And some more mobile issues:

* When posting from Nokia Android phones using the default Chrome browser, all line breaks and paragraphs is stripped, turning long posts into a square brick of letters.

- This should work better in my opinion, since the forum is accessed directly from the built-in Support app on the phones.

* With more boards added, it's time-consuming on the mobile to swipe through the list of boards, to reach this board and the popular topics at the bottom.

- I suggest move the beta lab boards to the bottom of the forum when there is no active beta program for a particular model.


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Community Hero

Great QC work! Your suggestion about the beta labs forums is very good.

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