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Android Oreo 8.1 for Nokia 3

Anyone knows when is the 8.1 beta for Nokia 3 going to arrive? As I read from a lot of articles online, they say that Nokia 3 is suppose to get the 8.1 beta yesterday, Monday. Just wondering.

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Tech Wizard

Well its 8.0 beta not 8.1 beta and you can request 8.0 Oreo beta from Nokia Beta Labs.

Nokia will probably patch in 8.1 after 8.0 is confirmed as stable and bug free.

Tech Wizard

Yes they will patch it but it will take a lot of time my question is why didn't they jump straight to 8.1 Beta Since 8.1 is more stable and bug free as everyone says. 

I don't think you can go straight to 8.1 as it more of a patch for the existing 8.0. I presume 8.0 has to be installed first then 8.1.

Tech Wizard

Well if that's the case then we have to wait really long to get 8.1 Oreo since Nokia 3 is no flagship.

No it's not but at least we have it. Plus bare in mind that this is a beta version OTA it isn't official yet.

Tech Wizard

Yes lets be positive and hope for the best. 

Hello colleagues, will you know what will happen with the TA-1028 models? Is there any information on when they will update? Thank you

Tech Wizard

Don't worry you guys will directly get the official Oreo. I think beta builds won't be available for you guys.
Okay. Thanks for the hopes! But I imagine it will be at a distant time. Greetings and enjoy the taste of oreo hahaha.

Tech Wizard

But Nokia 2 is said to go straight to 8.1 from 7.1.1. Let's see what they do with it. If they went straight to 8.1 without upgrading to 8.0 on Nokia 2 I will be amazed about the strategic plan of Nokia 3 by Nokia.
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