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No auto time zone adjustment

I have Nokia 6 (TA-1025) that was updated to Oreo recently. The time did not adjust automatically when I go to a different time zone. Does anyone have the same problem?

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I am not on Beta, but for some reason I can't post on the regular Nokia 6 blog. The problem started after the Feb 2018 monthly update to OREO 8.0 installed on a US model Nokia 6 TA-1025. Even if you reset the phone entirely, setup the phone as NEW, data connect thru the Sim card to your carrier, and decline the Google account login, the Nokia 6 will repeatedly give you a pop-up Google Play error message that repeats forever, over and over, and the handset TIME ZONE is three time zones ahead of your local time. I am Pacific time zone so the phone sets itself to Eastern Time zone. This is unlike any regular Android phone in history that I have ever had, including a current Nexus 5X on Oreo Feb 2018 by Google updates. You can do a handset reset again and again on the Nokia 6. Of course you can turn-off the auto set time zone and force/set manually the time zone, but you shouldn't have to do that. Only if you log-in with your Google account will the time zone correct itself. Is there a way to get a complete firmware re-image just in-case the Feb 2018 update Oreo didn't update correctly? Has anybody else experienced this issue?

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 +1. Same issue since Feb 2018 update.  Defaults to US Eastern timezone when set to auto. 

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Same here. However, the automatic time zone works when I travel to Asia.

Same here on Nokia 8. It started happening after update to Oreo 8.1. The phone randomly changes to EST (+3 hours). I am in PST all the time. I have no clue why it happens. Turning automatic timezone off and back on always makes it change back to PST. But after some time (like couple of days) it again changes to EST for no reason. 

Tech Wizard

Not all mobile operators support automatic time and time zone setting

(The list of carriers seem outdated, please ask your mobile operator).

Also check the time and time zone settings of your Wi-Fi router.

Google's time and time zone lists can only work properly when a Google account is configured on the phone and location services is enabled.


all other phones in the house work except this Nokia 6.

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The issue still happens after March security update. I reported this issue via support app. Support, please update the thread with the issue ticket number and current status.
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