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Data restriction and Backup (Help

I'm new with Nokia. Can you tell me where is option for block internet access of certain apps, mobile data and for wifi access. On Xiaomi phones, MIUI system, there is very nice way to do that (restrict data usage). Here is pic for that. [url=][img][/img][/url] On Nokia I found options for Data Saver - unrestricted data access. And background data. But how can I restrict certain app for internet access (mobile data/wifi)? 2nd question is about backup. Backup folder is empty. I go to backup & reset. Backup up my data is on. And I added backup account. And to google account then and Sync now. But in google drive backups folder is empty. I did read some info about google drive need to wait 24 hours for data to be saved. Is this could be reason why my backup folder on drive is empty?
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