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Does the Nokia 7 Plus support qualcomm fast charging?

 I have been meaning to purchase a new phone and currently, my options include the Xiaomi Redmi note 5 plus, Moto G5s Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and also I'm eagerly waiting for the Moto g6 to launch at MWC. This made me wonder about the Nokia 7 Plus supports fast charging as the both Xiaomi and Moto do; It is very important for my phone to have fast-charging as I am a college student and have to rush to classes early morning.

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 Yes, Nokia 7 Plus supports fast charging.

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 what do you mean with fast charging?

the Nokia 7+ supports QC 3.0

thus given the big battery and low drain....I suggest you to use a slow night charge (5h with a 750-1.000 mAh old usb power adapter)

the slow charge does not overheat the battery, this wull the battery perfomance last longer across the years

Bought a 7plus 2 months ago. It was working just fine till last week. It has developed a Lotta issues like I'm not able to hear the other person during a call and earphone port doesn't work and it automatically gets switched to speaker phone mode sometimes. These experiences make me questions my choice to buy a Nokia. I feel I've wasted my money and should have gone for a plus 6. I even took my phone to a Nokia service centre and they checked for errors and flashed my phone and the problem came back within hours after the service. It feels terrible when you're phone can't be used for the most primary of its purpose of usage like making calls.

go for a Xiaomi PocoPHone F1

since these Nokia don't have IP68.....

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